Tests are performed on a preserved neoplastic material. Details regarding the required material can be found in the description of each test. Depending on the type of the test it can be:

  • Paraffin block containing a fragment of neoplastic tissue or
  • Cytological preparation containing neoplastic cells.

Paraffin blocks and cytological preparations can be collected in the histopathological lab/ pathomorphology unit, where the histopathological diagnosis was made. After performing the test in Oncogene Diagnostics, the remaining, unused material shall be returned to the address indicated by the customer.

It is also necessary to complete the order form before the testing:

The neoplastic material, along with the completed respective order form shall be sent to:

Oncogene Diagnostics
ul. Mogilska 86
31-546 Kraków

The packed material must be sent by courier service or regular mail – as a priority registered delivery. The shipping cost shall be payed by the person ordering the test.


Please make a prepayment for the test accordingly to the price list:

Receiver: Oncogene Diagnostics Sp. z o.o., ul. Mogilska 86, 31-546 Kraków
Account No: IBAN 61 1050 1445 1000 0090 3083 4262 , ING Bank Śląski
The transfer title should include: full name of the person for whom the test is performed as well as the test code.

Test results

The genetic test results shall be sent by mail to the address indicated in the order form. There is a possibility to send the results by courier service (additional cost of PLN 25 for the person placing the order). A copy of the results can be sent by email or fax. It is also possible to collect the results in person in the seat of Oncogene Diagnostics.


Biological material collected for laboratory genetic testing should be always treated as a potentially infectious material with UN No. 3373, in accordance with the requirements of the European Union concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR). Biological samples are subject to packing instruction P650.